Neo After School: From 8/18, 12 - 6:30 PM

November 2023 Calendar

Minimum Day, Arcadia End of First Trimester: Fri, Nov 3

Students will be released at 12:20 PM
Bring your own lunch

Veteran’s Day: Fri, Nov 10

Schools and Neo closed
Enjoy the holiday

Arcadia Collaboration Day: Thu, Nov 16

All Arcadia students will be released at 11:40 AM
Bring your own lunch

Speech Performance: Tue, Nov 21

4 PM
Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Please pick-up your child after 4 PM

Arcadia Schools Break: Mon-Wed, Nov 20-22

Arcadia schools closed
Neo open 11 AM – 6:30 PM
No vacation credit for this week
Morning Care from 8 AM: $5 fee per day per family
Please pay for Morning Care when dropping off your child
Mon & Tue: bring your own lunch
Wed: bring your own lunch or $4 for pizza

Thanksgiving Holiday: Thu-Fri, Nov 23-24

Schools and Neo closed
Enjoy the holiday