March 2017 Calendar

Arcadia Collaboration Days: Thu, Feb 2 & Thu, Feb 23

All Arcadia students will be released at 11:40 AM
Bring your own lunch

Arcadia Elementary School Minimum Day: Fri, Mar 3

Bring your own lunch

Speech Performance: Tue, Mar 14

At Neo, 4:30 PM
Kindergarten to 5th Grade
Please come and enjoy with us

Arcadia Middle School Minimum Day: Fri, Mar 17

Bring your own lunch

Arcadia School District Holiday: Mon, Mar 20

All Arcadia schools will be closed
Neo will be open 11 AM to 6:30 PM
Bring lunch or $2.50 for pizza (order pizza by 11:30 AM)
Morning Care from 8 AM, $5 extra
Please pay $5 when dropping off your child
Please let us know soon if you need Morning Care

Neo Annual Piano Concert: Sat, Apr 22

Time, 3 PM
Practice everyday, especially on weekends

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Preparation

At Neo, January to April, grades 2-8
State Common Core testing begins in late April
Jan-Apr, Neo students prepare for state Common Core testing
Including Language Arts, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension & Math
This is excellent review of the students' current grade-lever material
Please do not pickup your child before 5:30 PM during this period
Contact us with any questions
Do not miss this class